How to Kill a Velvet Buck this Bow Season

How to Kill a Velvet Buck

Kill a Velvet Buck

You can kill a big velvet buck this season by following these tips

Killing a big buck in velvet is one thing that many bow hunters dream about. It is a great addition to any trophy room and is one of the best looking mounts that you can have. Any early bow season that opens around mid-September allows you the chance to take one, even if it’s just around opening weekend. Some states, such as South Carolina, even have rifle hunts where you can hunt velvet bucks. Learning how to kill a velvet buck consists of food, which is the story or an early or late season hunt. Continue Reading

Moose Gets Shot and Charges on Video

Moose Charges Bowhunter Video

This is what happens when you shoot a gigantic moose at close range and it gets pissed off. This guy is one lucky dude… about as lucky as you can get. The bow hunter shot the moose at around six feet he said and it turned and charged him immediately after the arrow went in. Click through to see how close he was to being mauled by the huge antlers. Continue Reading

Locked Buck Rescued from River- Video

Locked Buck Rescued from River

When the younger man in this video got a call from his dad to come help him rescue a buck that was locked up to a dead buck in a river, he wasn’t sure what to think. What you’ll see from this video though, is a grave situation that if the two men didn’t help the deer, it would have died. Check out how they managed to free the bigger buck from the dead one. Continue Reading

Dude Perfect Bow Trick Shots VIDEO

Dude Perfect Bow Trick Shots Video

If you’re looking to check out some of the most exciting archery trick shots that you’ve ever seen, then you’re in the right place. Dude Perfect, the notorious basketball trick shot artists are at it again, but this time with bows. They made a video showcasing some great archery skills with basketballs on the end of arrows and a giant panda… yes, a Panda.  Continue Reading

Spoiled Fawn Does Not Want to be Put Down VIDEO

Spoiled Fawn Wants a Belly Rub

Two power line workers in Kentucky stumbled across a trapped fawn earlier this month when they were working and wanted to help rescue the deer. They picked up the deer to move it out of harm’s way and when they did, they rubbed it’s belly to calm it down. Well, it turns out the deer enjoyed that belly rub a little too much. Click through to see how spoiled this fawn got. Continue Reading