Win a NEW 2014 Mathews Bow from MorningMoss

Win a NEW 2014 Mathews Bow from Morning Moss

free mathews bow

You can win a free Mathews Inc. bow from MorningMoss

MorningMoss has partnered up with one of the world’s largest and leading manufacturers of bows and archery equipment- Mathews Inc. This contest is your opportunity to win a state-of the art bow of your choice from one of the best hunting companies in the world. You can enter the contest here: Continue Reading

What is the National Deer Alliance?

What is the National Deer Alliance?

What is the National Deer Alliance?

The National Deer Alliance will be a unified group of deer hunters in North America

Today marks a big day for American deer hunters. Whether you’re a whitetail hunter in the midwest, black tail hunter out west or just like to find sheds, today is a momentous day. The Quality Deer Management Association convention is taking place today in Athens, GA and deer hunters there will learn about the creation of a new organization that will benefit all deer hunters across North America- the National Deer Alliance. What is the National Deer Alliance? We can help to answer that question. Continue Reading

Sitka Game of Inches Film

Sitka Game of Inches Film

Sitka game of inches video

The Sitka film, “Game of Inches” challenges the outdoor community to consider the values we have put into deer hunting.

Sitka has a reputation for making cool, bad ass videos and it looks like they’re at it again. Their new video, “Game of Inches,” focuses on some of biggest issues deer hunters face today and what we are actually hunting? The last 10-15 years has really changed hunting as a sport. Land is being lost very fast and hunters are spending more and more money to shoot bigger and “better” deer. Sitka focuses on what is truly important. Continue Reading

Another Use For Snow Camo

Break Up Your Outline with Snow Camouflage

Snow Camo tree stand hunt

Using snow camo as your go to pattern in a tree stand with popple and aspen trees can really help hide you from elk and deer.

A lot of bow hunters that I know own plenty of camouflage clothing that cover a wide variety of patterns and colors. Whether this is the hunting industry influencing us, or an actual thought out strategy in concealment, I’m not sure, but the fact remains that there are plenty of options out there. Picking and choosing what pattern to wear can conceal you perfectly or make you stick out like a sore thumb in a tree. Today I am going to go over how snow camo can be used when sitting in an area where lots of popple and aspen trees are present and how it will allow you to blend in better. Continue Reading

Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

The Mathews Creed XS proved to be a great bow that is suitable for any size hunter and combines technology and classic Mathews traits.

When the Mathews Creed XS bow was first released, many hunters thought that they were seeing a replay of the highly popular Creed model released the year before. Boy were they wrong. The new Mathews Creed XS is not only a pleasure to shoot, but is deadly accurate and an incredible hunting tool. When I look at a bow, I want to evaluate how well it will perform in the woods and this one does not disappoint. There are a lot of physical attributes to this including size, weight and shape and the Creed XS surpassed any and all expectations. Check out the specs in the Mathews Creed XS Bow ReviewContinue Reading

Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt

Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt

Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt

The Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt breaks up an angler’s outline as they wade into the ocean.


We’ve got heat activated camouflage for those warm days turkey hunting and stalking antelope, but now we have sun activated camouflage for fishing. Columbia has introduced the Columbia Solar Camo Fishing Shirt and says that the camo fabric changes color and pattern when hit with UV light. The shirt is tailored for ocean fisherman who wade out in the water to cast and it’s definitely an interesting product.
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