Tarpon Hand Fishing From a Kayak- Video

Tarpon Hand Fishing From a Kayak- Video

As if deep sea fishing wasn’t hard enough, this angler decided to make it more of a challenge than ever before. The fisherman from  Team Googan is hand lining Tarpon in the ocean, in a kayak. Im not sure if most people can fathom how challenging this is, but if you watch the video you can see how he not only has to maneuver his small kayak as he’s being pulled by a giant fish, but also make sure he doesn’t tip over. Continue Reading

Washington Expects Record Salmon Season

Washington Expects Record Salmon Season

Washington Record Salmon Season

The state of Washington is looking like it will have a record salmon fishing season this summer.

Washington and Northwestern salmon fisherman will be ecstatic this summer as the salmon fishing season begins soon. Wildlife officials from the state of Washington have predicted that this year will be a big year for chinook and coho salmon and could be one of the best in several decades. Continue Reading

Kershaw Tiger Stripe Blur Knife Review

Kershaw Tiger Stripe Blur Knife

Kershaw- tiger-stripe-blur

The Kershaw Tiger Stripe Blur Knife is exclusively sold at Cabelas and is an effective tactical knife for many situations.

Everybody needs a good knife. Whether it’s just to have around the house for chores or situations that come up, or for field dressing animals, people need knives. Luckily, there are so many great ones on the market right now, that it’s tough to choose a bad one. That being said, there are some that are better than others. Take this Kershaw Tiger Stripe Blur Knife for instance, a Cabelas exclusive. This is not only a great looking piece of equipment, but it also has many uses that you won’t need another knife (if you so choose). You can find it here on Cabelas’ websiteContinue Reading

MN Muskies Get Bigger, But Population is Declining

Bigger Muskies, Less Fish in Minnesota

MN Musky Decline

Musky populations in Minnesota have seen a decline but the fish are much larger than ever before

The age-old question of, “would you rather have a bigger animal, or more of them?” is in full play in the state of Minnesota right now, but they won’t get to choose. State biologists in the land of 10,000 lakes are reporting that the population density of muskies in Minnesota are declining, but the fish are getting larger.  Continue Reading