The Mental Aspect of Hunting

The Mental Aspect of Hunting

Mental Hunting

Staying positive during the hunting season will help put you in a better position to harvest a mature buck.

The human mind is a powerful thing that is often underestimated in the world of hunting. Sure, being physically prepared does play a role in your hunting success but being mentally strong is the most important. Going into the season with a positive mind-set and maintaining that throughout the season will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

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2 Awesome Beards for this Hunter – User Photo

2 Awesome Beards for this Turkey Hunter

Awesome Hunting Beard

Jacob Colden got the best of this Tom in both life and beards on opening morning of the Wisconsin turkey season.

Not much can beat a big gobbler with a big beard, but in this photo the hunter truly is the star. Jacob Colden shot this nice bird on opening morning of the first period during the Wisconsin turkey hunting season. While the turkey’s beard is not even close to being as awesome as the hunter’s (kudos) it is still an awesome Tom. Continue Reading

Captain Wrestles Shark to Show Off

Captain Wrestles Shark

You know those times when you went to a party and a couple of good looking girls came in and those douche bags in the corner started arm wrestling or acting like jackasses to show off? Well, that’s pretty much what happens in this video. The captain of what appears to be this guided shark fishing boat had hooked into a 9 foot lemon shark and instead of just letting it go, decided to wrestle it. Click on to see more or check out some of our other fishing videos. Continue Reading

Giant Green Bay Sheepshead User Submission

Giant Green Bay Sheepshead

Giant Sheepshead

Jeff Heim caught this giant sheepshead in the Bay of Green Bay this spring. It was his first fish of the season in the bay.

Jeff Heim hauled in a monster for his first fish of the season in the Bay of Green Bay, it just so happened it was a Sheepshead. While Jeff may have been targeting other game fish, this huge sheepshead is something to be proud of. Jeff was fishing out of the lower bay in the Bay of Green Bay, which has a reputation for turning out some monster fish and is a great fishing spot. Continue Reading

Lake Winnebago Ice Shoves – User Submission

Lake Winnebago Ice Shoves

Oshkosh Ice Shoves

The ice shoves on the shore line of Lake Winnebago in Oshkosh, WI are very large this year.

Lake Winnebago Ice Shoves

The ice shoves on Lake Winnebago in Oshkosh, WI are up to 25 feet tall after a windy weekend pushed them the ice to the shore line

These great photos were sent in by a reader from Oshkosh, WI who wanted to showcase the huge ice shoves that are along the shore line of Lake Winnebago. Lake Winnebago is Wisconsin’s largest lake, not deepest, and stretches across the Fox Valley in the Mid- Eastern part of the state. After a windy weekend and a lot of ice break up, the ice was pushed against the shore in Oshkosh and piled up there. Continue Reading

Mathews Creed XS: Product Review

Mathews Creed XS Review

Mathews Creed XS

The Mathews Creed XS is a great bow that fits almost every hunter and performs when you need it to most.

I have shot Mathews bows for many years now and I am always impressed by their new bows. The quality and performance are second-to-none and they improve on their bows every year. Last year I was able to shoot the Mathews Creed as well as a couple other bows from other companies, but nothing compared to the smoothness of the Mathews. I was excited to see that this year they were able to make this bow even better! The Mathews Creed XS review shows how great of a bow this is for all hunters.  To see our full review of the Mathews Creed XS click here. You can even win a brand new bow from Mathews in our contest going on now! Continue Reading

Big Wisconsin Tom- User Submission

Big Wisconsin Tom User Submission

Big WI Tom

Isaac Krueger shot this 26 pound Wisconsin Tom Turkey during the spring turkey season in 2014. The turkey had an 11 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs.

Isaac Krueger shot this big Wisconsin Tom during Wisconsin’s 2014 spring turkey season this past week. The large mature tom turkey weighed in at 26 pounds and sported an 11 inch beard with 3/4 inch spurs. Isaac shot the Tom in Rosendale, Wisconsin which is located in the Eastern side of the middle of the state.  Continue Reading